AL GILBERT, "Pied Piper of Dance", was born, Allesandro Zicari in 1921, learned to tap on the streets.  His career lasted over 60 years and was a tap instructor who inspired and motivated all.  At the age of 25,  in Hollywood, he became the assistant to the assistant choreographer of The Jolson Story where he can been seen.  In 1947, Al Gilbert's Hollywood Theatrical Dance School opened and he discovered there was no material for teachers on how to instruct young children to dance.  He wanted to make tap dancing fun so he began to experiment with techniques and made up his own little catchy dance tunes.  Parents began to flock to his studio with their children.  In 1949 he sold his songs and dance material to a teachers magazine and that created a higher demand for more of his original material.  In 1971 he purchased Stepping Tones Records where he made available his techniques for dance instructors everywhere.  In 1994 he released his 1,000th original song and dance Training Aid.  He passed away in February of 2003.